March 1, 2023

Zoë naar Klimt

Oil on canvas 50x70

January 1, 2019

Black and white by night. Acrylic on cardboard

February 20, 2019

Acrylic on cardboard

Oil on canvas 100x140 cm

Sharon, Chessboard, Skull, Fish, Sword, Mannequin, Wine, Shell and a black earring.

Make the story and let me know…

Oil on canvas 100x140cm

October 21, 2023

Oil on Canvasboard 50x70 cm

March 4, 2024

Oil on Canvas 50x70 cm

October 1, 2023

Oil on Canvas 50x70 cm

December 27, 2023

Oil on Canvas 40x50 cm

September 9, 2023

Oil on Canvasboard 40x50 cm Single session

December 1, 2022

My favorite muze in Kroatia

April 1, 2023

Oil on canvas 50x70

Oil on Canvas 100x120 cm

May 1, 2023

Four legs, Four hands, Ode aan de [Madonna van Fouquet](

Oil on canvasboard 50x70